AFCAT 01/2018 is completed. Some candidates have experience some problems and their exam have been cancelled. They have to again appear in examination within one or two weeks. Questions asked in AFCAT examinations are collected and note down. You can check below all questions of afcat 01/2018 question paper.


Ques. 1 Which years Asian games held in India..??

Ans. 1951

Ques. 2 4 Back to back titles in Badminton ?

Ans. Kidambi Srikanth

Ques.3 When was modern Olympic started ?

Ans. 6 April 1896

Ques. 4 INC foundation day?

Ans. 28th dec 1885

Ques. 5 First modern Olympics held in ?

Ans. Athenes, Greece with 14 countries.

Ques. 6 Vasco de gama arrived at which port in India ?

Ans. Callicut, Malabar Coast.

Ques. 7 How many countries in Asia ?

Ans. 48

Ques. 8 Theyyam dance is from of which state ?

Ans. Kerala

Ques. 9 Biggest building of Mohenjo Daro ?

Ans. Great Granary.

Ques. 10 What is the name of first artificial satellite of U.S.A ?

Ans. Explorer 1.

Question 11-20

Ques. 11 Tropic of cancer does not passes from states ?

Ans. U.P

Ques. 12 India divided written by ?

Ans. Rajendra Prasad.

Ques. 13 Speed of wind measured by ?

Ans. Anemometer.

Ques. 14 How many hurdles are there in 400m race?

Ans. 10

Ques. 15 Indian National record in long jump by whom?

Ans. Ankit Sharma 8.16 m

Ques. 16 NATO Headquarter

Ans. Brussels, Belgium

Ques. 17 Panchatantra is written by whom?

Ans. Vishnu Sharma.

Ques. 18 Ryder cup is associated with which sport ?

Ans. Golf.

Ques. 19 Who scored fastest 9000 runs?

Ans. Virat Kohli.

Ques. 20 Salal project on which river

Ans. Chenab.

Question 21-30

Ques. 21 Shape of Substances Depends upon ?

Ans. Arrangement of atoms.

Ques. 22 Same proton but Different neutrons ?

Ans. Isotopes.

Ques. 23 First British factory established in India in which city?

Ans. Madras.

Ques.24 First fifa world cup held in which year?

Ans. 13-30 July 1930

Ques. 25 Guwahati is on the bank of which river?

Ans. Brahmaputra.

Ques. 26 Governor general of india during formation of indian national congress?

Ans. Lord Duffren.

Ques. 27 Chakra in indian flag is taken from?

Ans. Saar Nath.

Ques. 28 Author of ‘ Sleeping on Jupiter’ ?

Ans. Anuradha Roy.

Ques. 29 How many stakeholders in cauvery river dispute?

Ans. Two, TamilNadu & Karnataka.

30 Indian navy latest mou sign with which company ?

Ans. Tata. ( making missiles )

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Question 31-40

Ques. 31 First woman in India won medal in long jump ?

Ans. Anuj Bobby George.

Ques. 32 Who found American national red cross?

Ans. Clara Barten.

Ques. 33 Which planet contain highest magnetic field?

Ans. Jupiter.

Ques. 34 What is the capital of Gabon?

Ans. Libreville.

Ques. 35 Prime minister during the second nuclear test?

Ans. Atal Bihari Vajpeyee.

Ques. 36 Founder of Bhartiya Jana Sangha ?

Ans. Shayam Prasad Mukhrjee.

Ques. 37 First sports person to receive Rajiv Ghandi khel ratana ?

Ans. Vishavnathan Anand.

Ques. 38 Double fault related to which sport

Ans. Tennis.

Ques. 39 1st Printing press in india by ?

Ans. James hickey .

Ques. 40 What is ecosystem?

Ans. Living things and environment.

Question 41-50

Ques. 41 Alauddin Khilij’s market regulation?

Ans. Maintain a Large &efficient Army.

Ques. 42 Vaduz is capital of which country?

Ans. Liechtenstein.

Ques. 43 Agni 2 missile is ?

Ans. Surface to Surface ballistic missile.

Ques. 44 The president of INC at the time of India’s independence was ?.

Ans. J. B. Kripalani

Question: 45   Pugilist is a term used for player of a game. Identify the game.

Answer: Boxer / Boxing

Question:  What is the name of first artificial satellite of USA?
Answer:Explorer 1

Question:  46 Tashkent agreement signed by?
Answer:Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ayub Khan

Question 47 India rank in Area

Ans   7th

Quest. 48First factory by Dutch

Ans    Indonesia, than Mashulipattam.

Quest. 49  First presidency of British East India Company?

Ans  Surat.

Quest. 50  Hapthalon is related to?

Ans    athlete.

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