Today we are going to discuss officers like qualities and how to develop these qualities in our behaviour.  Getting into the Indian armed forces as an officer is not an easy job but also not a difficult job.  One have to aware the whole process.  We have generalised that aspirants work hard for written examination and think that the SSB interview is a case of luck.  we should get over out of this mentality. This article we are going to discuss how should we prepare for the SSB interview in our daily life.

Here are some officers like qualities with trick to get into these qualities. To  understand these officers like qualities  you can watch OUR  video given below.

Because in this article we are just going to discuss that  how have these officers like qualities in your daily behaviour.


1  Confidence

Without confidence a knowledge full person is nothing so you need to have confidence to show your knowledge.  If you want to consider confidence in your daily behaviour then I will prefer that you should have to talk with unknown person on any specific topic.  This will definitely increase your confidence.  maybe in the beginning you feel not good but at the last you definitely realise that this was the best one.


2  Courage

This is the topmost quality of officer. now you have to understand what is the meaning of courage.  The courage is not that you have to fight with someone because, when you are selected into the defence forces you will be trained for that purpose.  But now in the SSB interview how they will find that whether you have courage or not.  Courage definitely  linked with  confidence.So what we have told for your confidence purpose you can use that trick for your courage.


3  Stamina

Stamina is of two type  that is physical stamina and mental stamina.  you need to strong your both stamina.  For  physical stamina You should have to exercise on daily basis or you may join gym for 5 to 6 months before your SSB interview.  for  mental stamina You need to solve some reasoning questions on daily basis.  Mathematics is also best subject to increase your mental stamina.


4 Social adaptability

Social adaptability Is a normal thing.  you just need to interact with people around you.  If you interact with people around you  for 3-4  months  this will going to help you.


5   Speed of decision

For this you need to solve situation reaction test and your speed of decision will definitely going to increase.


6   Cooperation

For this you should help your family members in their respective work.  you can help your society by doing some work for them. Cooperation can we easily maintained in your behaviour if you have helpful nature.


7  Initiative

For this always try to initiate what task you have given or or what task you are going to start with the team.  Always try to be initiator.


8  Organising ability

If you find any task around you like there is any small function in your home school college or somewhere else and you are a part of that. Try to organise the things. Try to be a person  who is responsible for the entire function or task.


9  Determination

If you have given any task then never leave it before it I’ll completed.  If you leave a task before its completion then that will show lack of determination.  always try to finish the given task with full energy till the last step.


10  Power of expression

Power of expression means how you Express the thoughts behind you.  this  is definitely game changer officer like quality.  try to talk with mirror and you will definitely feel that you are going  in the   right path or not.


11  Reasoning ability

This quality is directly attached with stamina.  as I told you for stamina you have to do reasoning practice and with reasoning practice your reasoning ability will definitely going to increase.


  1.   Self confidence

You have to maintain your confidence.  this will be checked out in the group discussion that weather the story you have made still A better choice for you or you are going to alter your story because you like the story of other candidates.  you have to co-operate other candidates but make your point clear and try to fit your points with the points of other candidates.


These are the top most qualities and Suggestion  by career study.  to work on these qualities and you will be definitely future defence officer.




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