Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy has been compiled understand how we use your personal information. Here in this privacy policy we will provide you complete detail that how will we collect your information. What we will do with your information provided. So kindly read our privacy policy carefully.

Information that we collect

In our website we may collect your name and email address if you want to do any further action on our content. In normal cases we do not collect any of your information at all. We do not ask your credit card or debit card information. We may ask your payment information if we will provide paid services in future.

How we use your information

Normally we use your information that is name and email ID to contact you. We will contact you by your email ID if you ask anything from us. We may collect Your information when you purchase something respond to a survey for make transactions from a web site.

How we protect you

We protect all your information by scanning our website on regular basis. We never make any security issue with you. All the information you put on our website is safe and secure.

Do we use cookies

We use cookies for some features. You can turn off the cookies be sent to you on your system. We never use cookies for tracking purpose. We only use cookies to make more efficient and more useful services that we provide.

How we use Google

We use Google in different purposes. We may use Google ad on our website. We may use Google Analytics. The ad will be shown to users according to their interest automatically by Google.

COPPA (children online privacy Protection Act)

We strongly obey the all rules of COPPA ( children online privacy Protection Act). Children below age 13 will be put under the parents control. Market to children under 13. However our services are related to education so it is useful for children as well as adults.


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.
vpo diggal, teh nalagarh

solan, Himachal Pradesh 173218

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