SSB Oir 40 Practice Sets

SSB Oir 40 Practice Sets

Here you will get SSB Oir 40 Practice set.
These will help you to score more in your OIR test. Join the sessions and increase your score.
Practice set 1

Practice Set 1 Click here

Practice set 2

Practice Set 2 Click here

Practice set 3

Practice Set 3 Click here

Practice set 4

Practice Set 4 Click here

Practice set 5

Practice Set 5 Click here

Practice set 6

Practice Set 6 Click here

Practice set 7

Practice Set 7 Click here

Practice set 8

Practice Set 8 Click here

Practice set 9

Practice Set 9 Click here

Practice set 10

Updating daily

Practice set 11

Updating daily

Practice set 12

Updating daily

Practice set 13

Updating daily

Practice set 14

Updating daily

Practice set 15

Updating daily


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