Picture Perception and Discussion Test

SSB interview consist 2 test in phase 1 that is OIR Test and PPDT. OIR test is simple and have a less role in clearing the screening test. You need to focus more on PPDT.

What Is PPDT:-

In picture perception and discussion test you have to analyse a picture and write a story on that in 4 minutes. A  group will be made of 10-12 candidates. After writing your story you have to narrate your story in front of officer with other candidates.  Last step is to discuss the story among  all candidates and make a common story.

How To Write The Story :-

  1. You will be given 30 sec to analyse the picture.
  2. 1 minute will be given to note down the points like total characters, gender,mood, age, action etc.
  3. 4 min will be given to write the story.
  4. Details should be filled in the given box in SSB.
  5. Write M for male, F for female, P for person.
  6. To writing the mood write + for positive – for negative and 0 for neutral.
  7. Give a circle for one person and note his/her detail into that circle.
  8. Write the action of the story in 4-5 words.

Click below to download sample PPDT stories:-


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